I'm Joey Lopez. I'm Cameron County Commissioner for Precinct 2.


My Great Grandfather, Manuel Lopez, Sr. started his business in 1936, and with the help of his sons and family, was able to grow and prosper with Brownsville. We represent four generations of family working hard and living in this great town of ours; we have a lifetime commitment to see our home and area grow and prosper.

Since 2004, Lopez has served as a District Trustee for the South Texas Independent School District. He also served the Cameron County community as a board member for the Appraisal District, American Cancer Society, Boys and Girls Club, and Legislative Advisory Board for Region One.


BISD replaced all portables with brick motor '93-'97

During my presidency, the school district was rated #2 academically in the state and 8th nationally.

My Priorities

-Proper spending control of your tax dollars through strong budget reviews

-Making sure our law enforcement and first responders are well equipped

-Looking for a strong solution to ilegal dumping

-Working with all elected officials, country-wide to help secure future growth for our community

-Ensuring that quality of life improves for us and our children

As your commissioner I will dedicate the time to serving the citizens of Cameron County, I'm basing my work ethic on one simple message: ACCOUNTABILITY. I will be accountable to you, the people.

I truly believe that the people come first!

Cameron County Precinct 2

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